About Us

The Fox and Simpson brand dates back to the early 1900’s and has been seen in quality jewellers shops, gift shops and other types of high street retailers for over one hundred years. Why has the brand endured for so long you may ask, well simply put it’s the devotion to quality and price. All Fox and Simpson clocks are hand made by craftsmen, with machinery aiding their eye – rather than doing all the work itself. That’s the beauty of working with wood, a living breathing material, it needs a crafts men’s eye to deliver quality. We keep our prices low, to benefit all of our retailers, who in turn sell our ranges at a very accessible price point.

Due to the brands enduring focus, we are extending it to include more general traditional style Homeware.

If you’re looking to purchase a quality pendulum clock or mantel clock, please search for Fox and Simoson, or select a retailer from our list. If you’re looking for a wholesale supplier to the trade of traditional wooden clocks click on the Wholesalers link.